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An Extensible Platform with a Solid Core
MyBiC-Core, The Heart of the Platform
MyBiC-Core provides the foundation for the functionalities of the platform. The enhancement and extension of the core will be drivenby the demand of our user community
  • Bookkeeping, Accounting & Financial Reports
  • Record Keeping & Document Management
  • Relationship Management
  • Product & Inventory
  • People & Payroll
  • Orders & Invoicing
  • 1A simple interface for easy entry of your financial transactions.
  • 5User defined reports can be easily defined and generated to meet your specific requirements.
  • 2You may attach multiple notes and documents to your financial transactions.
  • 6Location based default configuration of your business. You can use the platform without or with minor modifications of the default configuration.
  • 3Accounting entries are generated automatically. An end user does not need to understand charter of accounts and balancing of the accounts.
  • 7Your accountant/auditor can access your data in real time to review your data and to generate reports.
  • 4Standard transactional and account reports with drilldown support allow business operators and their accountants to have insight of their business data anytime.
  • 1Easily manage your documents in electronic form.
  • 4Notes to the documents provide you additional convenience in finding your documents.
  • 2You may upload documents of any format for storage.
  • 5Documents are stored secured. Nobody, including the platform's administrators, is able to see the contents of the documents without your authorisation.
  • 3Flexible definition of document tags makes the management of a very large number of documents an easy task.
  • 6Documents can be easily attached to other records within the system, for example, financial transactions, as supporting documents.
  • 1Maintain details of your business' relationships in one place.
  • 4Intuitive data input and retrieval of contact cards.
  • 2Notes can be entered and maintained in the system for ensuring consistency in dealing with a business relationship.
  • 5Customer discounts can be defined for individual customers.
  • 1Tags and notes attached to products make the management of thousands of products an easy affair.*
  • 5Price history and automatic revaluation of your inventory.*
  • 2Ability to attach multiple images to products.*
  • 6Simple and intuitive interfaces for managing inflow and outflow of stock.*
  • 3Full barcode support.*
  • 7Automatic generation of financial transactions and accounting entries for stock purchases, sales of goods etc..
  • 4Flexible pricing setup. Automatic calculation of default prices.
  • 8Services can be setup as products.

*Being developed

  • 1Keep records, such as contact details, for staff members and casual workers.
  • 6Record keeping and calculation of wages, including tax withheld and superannuation.*
  • 2Record and report on activities of staff members using the system.*
  • 7Generate and keep payslips, pay summaries and other payroll related documents.*
  • 3Application, approval and recording of leaves.*
  • 8Support of self-services for staff members.*
  • 4Timesheets for casual workers.*
  • 9Automatic generation of transactions and accounting entries for salary related costs.*
  • 5Scheduling tool allows recording and reminder of staff appointments and tasks.*

*Coming soon!

  • 1Intuitive user interface for creating orders.
  • 4Tracking orders which are still being processed.
  • 2If needed, authorised customers may place order online.
  • 5For on-site services, invoices can be generated on the spot.*
  • 3Automatic generation of invoice upon completion of a sales order.*

*Coming soon

Industry Specific Solutions on a Solid Foundation

Base on MyBiC-Core, MyBiC platform will provide a range of cloud based solutions to meet specific requirements of different industries. Such solutions work seamlessly with MyBiC's core functionalities so your business' IT needs can be satisfied with one single platform.

As a platform supported by its user communities, the future of MyBiC will be driven by its members. If you see a demand of a specific industry module, we would love to hear from you. We also welcome your own and third party developed application modules that integrate with MyBiC.

Custom Solutions to Meet Your Specific Needs

If your business has specific IT requirements, based on MyBiC platform, we will be in a position to offer you solutions with shortest time to delivery and lowest costs. Leveraging the quality of MyBiC platform, you do not have the risk of starting an IT project from scratch, and you do not need to be concerned about the maintenance and support of your system.